Wednesday, May 17, 2006

The Modern Day Car: A Sophisticated High Tech Gadget

Little did Mr. Ford know that the little black buggy he was making back in the early 90’s would a 100 years later be as sophisticated as the cars of today. Modern day cars are extremely complicated and high tech with some having the computing power greater than the first space shuttle which carried Neil Armstrong to the Moon! Cars today incorporate the latest in silicon technology and it’s the advent of Information Technology which has really given the automobile industry a giant technological leap. As computer chips become cheaper car manufacturers find news ways of integrating them into various functions of the car. Some of the primary technological advancements which have been made in car technology over the past few years are: on board chips in MPFI cars for controlling fuel supply and combustion, safety technologies like airbags, anti lock brakes and seat belt pre tensioners, high tech CVT transmissions, navigation through GPS systems, radar gun scanners, key less entry & theft protection systems & many more. Some of the most recent technologies which have been introduced include Mercedes active safety technologies which sense when the car is about to have a crash and automatically rolls up the windows tightens the seat belts and inflates the seat cushions to protect the occupants. Then there are automatic headlights which turn on themselves when it gets dark and wipers which turn on automatically when it starts to rain. The list just goes on with seat back massagers, tv and dvd entertainment systems, in car refrigerators, telephone, laptop, sunroofs, heated seats & much much more. There are more gadgets in a car today than there were in an house in the 70’s. Even drivability and handling of a car is controlled by computers, many cars have active air suspensions, traction control systems and active four wheel drive systems.

So when we buy a car today is it just a mode of transport which we are buying? Not really, it’s a mobile relaxation spa for some, a mobile office for other or simply a lifestyle accessory for the rich. One thing is clear, technology is never constant and will continue to amaze us with faster, more sexy and more advanced cars in the future lets keep our eyes on the road.
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Internet the World’s Biggest Auto Marketplace

The next time you need to sell or buy a used car you don’t need to rush to dealers and spend precious time negotiating the best deal. The internet has come to the rescue once again. Following the success of various classifieds sites including job sites, dating sites, real estate site etc auto classifieds sites are the next big thing. Online used cars & bike classifieds are a big draw for buyers and sellers because of the many features they offer which conventional newspaper classifieds lack. Features of Online Auto Classifieds:1. Full page color ads2. Multiple photos of your vehicle 3. Country wide ad listing for long periods up to three months 4. Personal account & response management system 5. Privacy options (manage responses via online mailbox only)These features are available to users of most auto classifieds websites such as Users can search according to various parameters such as city, make, model, year etc and get the exact match they are looking for much easier than browsing through pages and pages of newspaper classifieds. US based sites such as have gone a step further and conduct their own research on used cars to ascertain the desirability and pricing of various models in the used car market. An Indian auto classifieds site has gone a step further and introduced separate sections for cars, bikes and commercial vehicles. is also India’s first carpool site where users can search and post carpool ads. Its not just individual users who are using these sites, car dealers are finding it very beneficial to sell their vehicle inventory online considering the many features on offer. For people who do not know or use the internet dealers can help in selling their vehicle via these auto classifieds sites. You must be wondering about how much it costs to post an ad on such sites. Certain sites are paid sites while sites such as are completely free to use. Financially it makes a lot of sense to use auto portals since buyers and sellers never need to pay any commission or brokerage for deals done via the site. The site gets buyers in touch with the sellers directly. So the next time you need to buy or sell a used car or bike look no further that the internet.
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Carpool to Save Money, Save the Environment and Reduce Traffic

Are you tired of traffic jams, increasing air pollution and ever increasing fuel prices? Do you want to do something about all this? Now you can by forming a carpool. Indimoto has launched an auto classifieds site which is also India’s first carpool matching site. A carpool or rideshare is an arrangement wherein people share their vehicles with other carpoolers and commute together. “The objective behind was to build an auto classifieds site where users can buy and sell cars and bikes, auto products and services, search for auto events, auto clubs and carpools. Our carpool matching service is the first of its kind in India and through it we wish to enable commuters to easily form carpools and enjoy its benefits while contributing to saving the environment” says Udit Bhandari, founder & CEO

According to Udit “Carpools make lot of sense because you save money by sharing fuel costs, vehicle maintenance cost & parking fee, you save the environment by saving fuel and reducing harmful exhaust gases while reducing traffic congestion. By carpooling you also expand your network of friends/contacts”. allows users to search carpool offers and requests in his/her city, and also start ones own carpool by posting a free ad in the carpool section.“With growing air pollution levels in our metro cities, manic traffic jams and increasing burden of fuel prices on commuter’s wallets, there are only two alternatives, public transport or carpools. Public transport infrastructure is not yet a comfortable and logical alternative to private transport for many urban commuters and that’s where carpools come in. Also carpools generate a sense of community and caring for your environment” says Udit. Carpools are a common phenomenon in the developed world often supported by city and state government for the many advantages they offer. has taken the initiative in India wants to make it a habit amongst Indian commuters.
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Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Most people living in large populated urban cities across the world will agree that our roads resemble a war ground. With growing traffic and limited road space traffic congestion in major cities of the world is a matter of great concern. While governments are doing what is in their power by improving public transport infrastructure i.e incorporating mass transit transport and fine tuning the existing network, commuters also need to take an initiative. an Indian website has taken the initiative for spreading awareness about carpools and its benefits. is India’s first carpool matching site and is a major success among commuters there. is also a free to use service.According to the founder & CEO of Mr. Udit Bhandari, carpools help in many ways including:1. Save Money: Carpoolers can share the fuel, parking and vehicle maintenance expenses.2. Save the Environment: By sharing a vehicle emissions of harmful gases are controlled and less fuel is burnt.3. Reduce Traffic Congestion: Its simple when users share their vehicles and travel together there will be a decline in the number of vehicle on the road leading to faster movement.4. Promote Community Living: Carpools help people in meeting new people and encourages the spirit of community and sharing ones resources for the benefit of want to make carpools a habit among commuters in India and also wants to replicate this in other developing countries which till now are not aware or don’t have a system in place for efficient carpooling. The site enables users to search for or post carpool ads for free and the search can be done based on city and other parameters for getting exact matches. Carpools are a win win situation for all and sites like are helping users in India get the perfect match.

How to Buy Your New Car- A Methodological Approach

Choosing a car is an important decision that merits careful planning. One should take number of things into consideration before buying a car. Following these steps can make the task easier and make you choose the right car for you: Decide what you intend to use the car for daily commuting; recreation; weekends and evenings out; carrying things; towing a trailer; carrying more than one passenger; driving in the city, suburbs or country. Consider factors that are important to you, such as looks, fuel efficiency, performance, reliability and safety features. Come up with a realistic budget, based on what you can afford (consider the monthly payment and cost of upkeep). Locate a town or an area near your home with several car dealerships; check Sunday newspaper advertisements and the yellow pages. But the best option would be to locate an easy and good site for buying and selling cars online which will involve less effort and energy.
Sites like are a great help.Find a car that interests you and hop in it. Adjust the seat and mirrors, and check leg room in each part of the car. Ask to take a test drive. Start out on city streets and then head out to the highway. Pay attention to steering ease, turning radius, braking response and acceleration. Adjust the mirrors and radio while you're driving to test convenience. Return to the dealership and thank the dealer. If you like the car, ask for a business card and say you will return later. Head to the next dealership and investigate other car models as described above. Ask dealers which car most closely resembles the one you previously test-drove, providing the make and model and explaining which features you liked. Test a number of models until you decide on a car, and compare these prices with those at other dealerships.
Some important tips:
• Inquire about availability and delivery time, especially if you're interested in a popular model or want special features
• Factor the dealership and its sales staff into your choice. A dealership you can trust, especially one with a competent service centre on site, is worth more than money in your long future with the vehicle. You can, of course, have your car serviced at any dealer authorized by your new car's warranty.
• Start negotiations on polite and friendly terms. Comment on what you like about the car and ask questions. The intent is to make the seller comfortable.
• Make your first offer. It should be lower than what you're willing to pay, but not an insulting figure. Use the list price as a reference, remembering that dealer profit (often around 10 percent) is built into this figure.
• Allow the seller to make a counteroffer. If the price is too high, say you're not able to afford that and ask him to talk to his manager.
• If the salesperson balks at your first offer, make a slightly higher one. Continue negotiating until you can agree on a price within your budget. If you can't agree on a price, seek out another dealer. You may be able to go back and get the first dealer to underbid the second dealer
• Avoid setting your heart on one particular model or make. There are hundreds of excellent vehicles on the market, and becoming attached to one of them may make you less hard-headed in your bargaining. which is also India’s First Carpool Site


In 100 years, we’ve gone from horse and buggy to over 14 million cars on Indian roads. Increased road rage and gridlock affect everyone. One of the greatest benefits of sharing the ride to work is taking the stress out of driving. Rather than beginning the day irritated from fighting traffic and searching endlessly for parking, you’ll arrive ready to take on the task at hand.
There is another, more tragic cost related to automobile use: degradation of our environment. Every day, millions of vehicles pump pollutants into our atmosphere. Some of these fall to earth, fouling streams and contaminating crops. Others rise into the stratosphere, damaging the ozone layer and causing global climate warming – the greenhouse effect.
Still more of these pollutants cling close to earth, inhaled with every breath we take. Air pollution is a proven cause in several lung ailments, from asthma to emphysema.
Ridesharing reduces the impact of automobiles on our roadways and our environment very simply – by travelling in groups rather than alone, ridesharing decreases the number of vehicles on our roads. Not only this but also cost incurred on fuel would be greatly reduced.
Ridesharing will also help in reducing hassles we face due to fewer parking spaces available.
Commuters that live near each other and share a common destination form the simplest and most common "carpool" arrangement. Carpooling is an ideal cost saving arrangement, particularly for those individuals who commute long distances to and from work each day, have limited access to public transit and few transportation options available to them.
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Monday, May 15, 2006

Global Warming- A Cause of Concern

Global warming over the next half-century could put more than a million species of plants and animals on the road to extinction, according to an international study
Thomas, lead author of the study published in the science journal Nature, said emissions from cars and factories could push temperatures up to levels not seen for 1 million to 30 million years by the end of the century, threatening many habitats.
The sweeping new analysis, enlisting scientists from 14 laboratories around the globe, found that more than one-third of 1,103 native species they studied in six regions around the world could vanish or plunge to near extinction by 2050 as climate change turns plains into deserts or alters forests.
Global warming is widely blamed on rising concentrations of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere linked to emissions of gases from burning fossil fuels in cars, factories and power plants
We can cut global warming pollution by reducing pollution from vehicles and power plants.
Right away, we should put existing technologies for building cleaner cars and more modern electricity generators into widespread use. We can increase our reliance on renewable energy sources such as wind, sun and geothermal. And we can manufacture more efficient appliances and conserve energy.
But all this will take time, instead we should think of alternatives which can be done immediately like doing ridesharing or carpool, using clean fuel like CNG. There is no reason to wait and hope that hydrogen fuel cell vehicles will solve the problem in the future.
If current trends continue Global warming will have catastrophic effects like:
• Melting glaciers, early snowmelt and severe droughts will cause more dramatic water shortages in the American West.
• Rising sea levels will lead to coastal flooding on the Eastern seaboard, in Florida, and in other areas, such as the Gulf of Mexico.
• Warmer sea surface temperatures will fuel more intense hurricanes in the southeastern Atlantic and Gulf coasts.
• Forests, farms and cities will face troublesome new pests and more mosquito-borne diseases.
• Disruption of habitats such as coral reefs and alpine meadows could drive many plant and animal species to extinction.

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Rising Fuel Prices

Numerous forces can influence the price of gas at the pump, but fuel costs are only one part in the vast web of global economics. Gas prices have an impact on other parts of the economy as well. There are immediate effects of rising prices - that feeling of stunned disbelief as the numbers climb and climb while you fill your tank. There are secondary effects as well. You might decide against a long road trip because the gas would cost too much. When it comes time to buy a car, you might decide against a gas-guzzling SUV and find something with better mileage instead.

Price increases generally occur when the world crude-oil market tightens and lowers inventories. Also, growing demand can sometimes outpace refinery capacity.
Gas prices also vary from state to state for several reasons. Taxes are probably the biggest factor in the different prices around the country. Additionally, competition among local gas stations can drive prices down. Distance from the oil refineries can also affect prices -- stations closer to the Gulf of Mexico, where many oil refineries are located, have lower gas prices due to lower transportation costs. There are also some regional factors that can affect prices.
World events, wars and weather can also raise prices. Anything that affects any part of the process, from the moment the oil is drilled, through refining and distribution to your car will result in a change in price. Military conflicts in parts of the world with lots of oil supplies can make it difficult for oil companies to drill and ship crude oil. Hurricanes have damaged offshore drilling platforms, coastal refineries and shipping ports that receive oil tankers. If a tanker itself is lost or damaged, or leaks its oil into the ocean, that will put a dent in the market as well.
In some regions of the country, gasoline is required to meet higher environmental standards in order to reduce the amount of smog created by burning gasoline. Producing this cleaner-burning gasoline can cause problems in refining, distribution and storage, which increases the cost of gas.

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